News and Production

Let us know who you are and what you are doing.
People need crews, expertise in animation, lighting, camera.
Let’s create a skills bank here so we can be in touch.

Help Wanted(Volunteer): Web management for the Black World Cinema website.

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  1. Film: Bar Star City
    Genre: Sci Fi
    Director: Ytasha L. Womack (

    Story: A charmed longtime bar owner discovers that his understated Southside Chicago watering hole is the home for galactic phenomena

    Send headshots to by March 20th to schedule an audition time for Sat. March 21.

    EBONY, Female/20-40 yrs./ Black/ saucy exercise guru and health enthusiast

    CARDPLAYING WOMAN, Female/ 21-40 yrs/ African American #1, Sexy siren with natural beauty. Playing cards is a way of life

    AK, Male/ 25 – 40 yrs/African/ Timeless Edgyptian/Nubian King from an ancient empire. An erudite dandy, he hates his sister and war with her is a pastime.

    CHUCK COOPER, Male/ 25-30/African American/ Hussein Bolt like super track star. Confident beyond measure. Lady-killer.

    ATHLETE 1, Male/ 21-35 yrs/ African American male, super track star

    ATHLETE Male/ 21 – 35 yrs/African American male, super track star – crazy buff

    DEL, Male/ 25-40 yrs/ African American , pensive collector, likes working out, always looking for a fast buck. Operates like a rat. Luck escapes him.

    EVE, Female/ 25-30 yrs/ attractive, inquisitive reporter looking for her big story.

    TWAN, Male/25-30 yrs/ Unassumingly funny repairman preparing for his trip to Mars.

    ISSAC, Male/ 20s, 30s Brash hipster tech start up CEO with a knack for sales and the weird.

    *Also looking for dancers

  2. Hello Floyd! I was there on Oct 3rd, and really enjoyed the featured movie. You needed volunteers not just for the Web Management. Please let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Elisa (Penni)

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