Tanya Wright, Butterfly Rising

Dec 1, 7pm Butterfly Rising, directed/written by Tanya Wright(Orange is the New Black, True Blood)


Tanya Wright, Butterfly Rising
Thursday Dec 1, 7pm Butterfly Rising (2010), USA, 94 min
Written and Directed: Tanya Wright (Orange IS The New Black, True Blood)SMG Chatham 14
210 W 87th St
Chicago, IL 60602

with two new Short films by Amir George
Moments of Intention &
Encompassed Wisdom of The Inevitable Manifestation

Rose Johnson and Lilah Belle steal a vintage truck and set put on the open road to meet the magical Lazarus of the Butterflies. What happens with the strange butterfly man changes their destinies and binds them together– forever. Written, directed, produced and starring Tanya Wright (ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK). The novel of the same name is also authored by Wright.

It’s present day in Artesia, but there’s something dated about the small, sleepy town. The only time this dusty old place comes to life is at the Friday night fish Fry’s hosted by the town’s matriarch, ESTHER. Esther is a barren woman whose husband HENRY is in love not with his wife, but with the most scandalous woman in town: ROSE Johnson. Mother to sassy GRACE, Rose is a woman who has broken many hearts and doesn’t suffer fools—especially men. Rose has little belief in A Thing Called Love, and when asked how she goes through life without loving anyone, she replies “very, very carefully.” One day, Esther confronts Rose about sleeping with her husband. Unapologetic, Rose is chastised by LILAH, a white neighbor who recently lost her brother and has the voice of an angel. Lilah could have had a stellar career as a singer—but her husband Samuel wanted a wife—and Lilah gave up any plans to go to Memphis to sing. Just before Esther confronts Rose, Lilah notices a framed BUTTERFLY on Esther’s mantle. Esther explains the butterfly was a gift from a man named Lazarus, a legendary and mythical medicine man in Bethlehem. Esther encourages Rose and Lilah to go visit Lazarus under the guise that “Lazarus will make your dreams come true”; but really, Esther’s sole desire is to get Rose out of town and away from her husband. Rose and Lilah make plans to escape: Rose drops her gift (her daughter Grace) at Esther’s and Lilah summons the courage to steal away from her husband and make off with her dog, a jaunty Black Labrador named Baby Girl. Lilah and Rose drive off—off to Bethlehem—where their lives will change forever…

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